Create Customised Kitchens With Our New Boutique Selection

At Universal Kitchens, we’re always looking to keep on top of a range of new kitchen features and trends, continuing on our path to lead the way in tailor-made kitchen designs. We are also always trying to offer something new to the modern homeowner looking to update his or her kitchen and the individual looking to customise his or her kitchen.

Our new Boutique selection features elements that come in unique themes, styles, and colours. No matter your needs, tastes, and individual requirements, we can help transform your kitchen and add value to your property – fast and within budget.


Our Experience And Qualifications In Creating Boutique Kitchens 

Our team of kitchen creators, specialists, designers, manufacturers and installers boast years of experience in their specific fields and ensure that every one of our clients receives only the best in service, design, building and project turnaround. Put your trust in their talents and allow our team to help you bring boutique style and functionality into your home.


Combine Different Boutique Elements To Create One-Of-A-Kind Kitchens

Our boutique elements combine to form one-of-a-kind kitchens, cabinets, islands that include a range of functional finishes. We assist our clients from start to finish to create a kitchen that suits their needs and incorporates all their design ideas. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure every aspect is within the given budget and time frame.


Exclusive Kitchen Designs And Inspiration

At Universal Kitchens, we have a vast selection of unique designs within our Boutique Selection for clients to browse through and gain inspiration from.

Our qualified, professional experts, who boast years of experience in custom kitchen design and manufacturing, understand that every individual and homeowner is unique. Not to mention that each client’s kitchen needs should be treated in this manner. They will assist you in achieving that completed boutique aesthetic and functionality you’re seeking for your new kitchen, with high quality and longevity built right in.


Contact Us About Our Boutique Selection Today!

Speak to our expert team today about our new boutique selection and tailor-made kitchens. Call us on 082 329 7894 / 084 304 3100 or email us on now! Should you be interested in our other kitchen renovation or kitchen designer services as well, please feel free to browse our website or visit us in-store.


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