August 25, 2020

Kitchen design trends come and go. It is important when planning for your kitchen renovation to choose wisely which ones you try to duplicate. Kitchens today are no longer built for the sole purpose of cooking. It is a known growing trend for kitchens to be a hub where conversations and social gatherings and other […]

August 7, 2020
If you decided on renovating your kitchen, you should know that there are a lot of decisions you need to make. Choosing kitchen cabinets design is probably the most nerve-wracking decision you will make for your kitchen, and the possibilities are endless. It’s easy to understand since the cabinets have a huge impact on your [...]
May 8, 2020

Melamine doors are becoming increasingly popular in the home renovation world with more and more contractors putting them to use in kitchen units in Johannesburg. Renovating a house, especially the heart of your home (the kitchen), can be a costly venture and in order to achieve a completely new feel to your kitchen, one of […]

May 8, 2020

For years you’ve been cooking and baking in your kitchen at home and every time you look at it you are reminded of the things you want to change. You want to change the colour scheme, you want modern kitchen units and cabinetry that is suited to your daily needs. You’re always putting your family’s […]

April 28, 2020

The kitchen is known to be the heart of the home because you spend a lot of time cooking and eating in that space. Therefore it should be functional to cater for all your cooking and baking needs but it should look beautiful too. It’s no surprise that more people want to have their own […]