Easy and Practical Kitchen Design Ideas

We spend so much of our time in the kitchen cooking food for our families, entertaining guests, and passing through to other areas of the house. It’s no surprise that renovating and revamping kitchens falls on the top of the priority list! You’ve probably seen some jaw-dropping kitchens online that inspire you. But, these ideas do not have to live in your social media feed. You can bring your dream kitchen to life with a few easy and practical kitchen design ideas.

Set Up an Organisation System That Works for You

Functionality sits at the heart of kitchen design and is far more important than striking aesthetics alone. The way you move around and interact with your kitchen can have a significant impact on the overall atmosphere. Feng shui is a philosophy that explores this concept deeply. When it comes to designing your kitchen, you should bear in mind a few prominent feng shui principles. For example, feng shui tips for the kitchen suggest that you should not hang items overhead. While this is a popular trend sweeping the kitchen design world, feng shui speaks to a more organised kitchen design conducive to great functionality and workflow.

Beyond feng shui, you can create a practical kitchen by establishing an organisation system that works for you. Firstly, you should ensure that you have ample cupboard space for all of your cutlery, dishes, pots, pans, and other utensils or crockery. These items should be stowed away, hidden from view, and organised in a way that you can access everything that you need easily. For instance, keep plates and bowls in one cabinet, pots and pans in another, and condiments in their own dedicated mini pantry stashed behind a cupboard door.

Conceal Kitchen Appliances for a Sleek Aesthetic

With plenty of cupboards to stay organised, your kitchen’s aesthetic can quickly become overwhelming. Even more so when you consider electronic kitchen appliances cluttering up the visual mood of the space. For this reason, we recommend concealing all electronic appliances behind doors or cupboards that match the rest of them. These can be flush against your existing cabinetry, creating an invisible wall of electronics neatly tucked behind a strikingly functional set of cupboards. Then, you can add fresh hardware and paint onto the cupboards to make them come to life.

Paint and new hardware are the most effective strategies for enhancing the design of your kitchen as they can be relatively affordable if you find the right deals and incredibly impactful if you choose the right colour palate. When considering your kitchen colour palette, you can use this resource as a guide.

De-clutter Your Countertops

Clutter is the enemy of a beautiful kitchen. Another incredibly easy and practical kitchen design idea is to reduce particularly cluttered zones on your counters. These are typically your areas where you make coffee, the section dedicated to housing your spices and condiments, and where you may keep knick-knacks that your kids bring along with them into the house. When it comes to your coffee and tea station, you can clean it up by investing in an espresso machine or concealing your coffee, tea, and sugar in neat little jars. For your spices and condiments, source a visually pleasing spice holder and keep it stashed away or neatly positioned next to your stove. Finally, locate a beautiful big bowl to pop into the corner of your kitchen where your family and stash odds and ends. As much as possible, keep your countertops free of excess things and chuck away the junk.

As the kitchen is one of the places in our homes we spend time most, there is an innate desire to curate a space that enhances our dining and entertaining experiences at home. If you are on the search for ways to create your dream kitchen, then you can use our easy and practical kitchen design ideas as a guide. From setting up better organisational systems to concealing your appliances, a sleek and stunning kitchen worthy of the ‘gram is more achievable than you may have originally realized!