How to Correctly Measure a Kitchen

Whether your heart is set on renovations and you have begun your considerations, or you are browsing kitchen and style catalogs to inspire a new idea for your kitchen, taking correct measurements will make or break the renovation process. Fortunately, we have developed this comprehensive guide on how to measure a kitchen to make your renovations a little easier. Below, you will find tips and tricks to get started and turn your dream kitchen into a reality in no time!

Before you begin measuring your kitchen, you should gather all the items and materials that you will need to do so. Granted, this list of items below is not a very complex one but having everything on hand and within quick reach will save you plenty of time. Furthermore, using this list means that you will not have to run off to the store to gather any additional materials to start measuring your kitchen. 

Here’s what you will need:

  • pieces of paper
  • A pencil preferably, to make corrections on the fly, or a pen
  • A tape measure that is at least 5m in length or will be roughly big enough to extend the length of your kitchen. Tip: two normal adult steps are approximately 1.5 meters
  • A ruler and eraser to calculate the finer details, though optional

Before you begin taking measurements with your materials, you should draw the rough shape of your kitchen onto a piece of paper with a pencil or pen. Use the ruler to accurately draw straight lines, building out what you believe to be the shape of your kitchen space. The proportions do not have to be exact, that’s where the measurements will come in. But, try to get relatively close proportions so as not to distort your impression of the size of your kitchen.

Next up, you should begin marking out the placement of all doors and windows in your kitchen. This will allow you to more accurately determine the length of specific wall surfaces in your kitchen when it comes down to taking the measurements. To be extra safe, you could also mark out the plug points, light switches, and plumping points so as not to block areas you may wish to access or to conceal areas that you wish to hide when you start to design your dream kitchen.

Now, you are ready to take accurate measurements of your kitchen that you can use to guide the kitchen design process. Firstly, you will want to take your tape measure from one of the corners of the room. Then, extend your tape measure along the surface of the wall to the nearest wall, door, window, or point of interest (plug point, light switch, etc). Mark the measurement into that specific area of your rough diagram. Then, repeat this exercise clockwise around the kitchen space until all walls and fixtures have been measured

Once you have completed your kitchen measurements, you can freely contact a professional kitchen design and installation studio with your plans and ideas. You can communicate with kitchen design experts on how to bring your dreams to life, creating the ultimate kitchen space in no time!