Modern and Stylish Kitchen Island Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

A modern kitchen design is all about creating a functional, calm and clean space with lots of room for your style. A kitchen is more than just a space for cooking. It is a central hub of activities and a place to socialize. 

The kitchen island design has become a staple for most modern kitchen designs as more practical use of space. When it comes to planning the kitchen of your dreams, ensuring maximum space, efficiency and functionality are of utmost importance. Whether it’s a simple refresh or a full scale remodel, your kitchen is an area in your home where we all tend to be extra cautious. No one wants an expensive design mess on their hands. There are plenty of great design ideas that allow you to merge trends and design your kitchen just the way you want it. 

Every space is unique therefore we would like to help inspire you with some modern and stylish kitchen island design ideas you can use if you are planning on renovating your kitchen. 

Rectangular Island

Traditional kitchen islands are usually square, and some squares don’t fit every kitchen. A rectangular kitchen island may suit the size and shape of your kitchen much better especially if you have a bigger space to work with. A longer kitchen island offers you more workspace and is great for hiding your bulky appliances. Having them out of sight makes your kitchen look neat and more spacious making your kitchen more effective and an easy kitchen island anyone can consider.

L-Shape Island

If you have a large open space in your kitchen and need substantial workspace and seating – an L-shaped island may be the perfect style design for your kitchen. L- Shaped Kitchen islands are a popular addition to a modern kitchen style providing you with extra preparation and storage space. Another focal feature that is perfect for socializing, if paired with stylish bar stools as part of a seating solution. You can add a few appliances on the island countertop, this is a nice fit as well. 

Small Traditional Kitchen Island

A modern inspired traditional kitchen has a small square kitchen island right in the centre of your workspace. This type of island is great for creating an additional workspace, or a simple extra space to keep your cooking utensils on. This is also perfect if you have a smaller kitchen, small yet comfortable to accommodate you.

Breakfast Bar Kitchen Island

A breakfast bar Kitchen Island has been a staple practical kitchen design for a long time. They are a wonderfully social way to eat and entertain at the same time and are perfect for having more casual meals in your kitchen. In recent times the design has become more refined into something more than just a simple overhang. If you don’t have one, creating an overhang on the side of your kitchen island to make it a dual-purpose island – a great kitchen island idea. An island extension with distinct colours and materials have become increasingly popular. 

Circular Kitchen Island

If you are looking to add personality to your kitchen’s layout, then a circular island maybe just for you. Circular kitchens are another great option – they can be designed small or large, in full circle or a half-moon. Circular islands also add an interesting visual dynamic to your kitchen. Similar to an L-shaped island, a circular island is packed with prep space. There is more than enough room to operate during meal prep. It takes up less space as there are no corners and no wasted space – Circular designs can incorporate expanded seating that leaves enough room for your guests to comfortably eat and socialise.

If you are looking for Kitchen Island design ideas we can help you easily source a stylish and practical kitchen that you can afford. For more all your kitchen island designs feel free to contact us at Universal Kitchens.