The Benefits Of Melamine Doors

Melamine doors are becoming increasingly popular in the home renovation world with more and more contractors putting them to use in kitchen units in Johannesburg. Renovating a house, especially the heart of your home (the kitchen), can be a costly venture and in order to achieve a completely new feel to your kitchen, one of the most important components are your kitchen cabinets. When looking into replacing this aspect of your kitchen, the cost thereof may leave you wanting to DIY kitchen units in your home. Now, with melamine doors, you can take a step back and leave it to the pros without breaking the bank.

Melamine doors are made from resin-soaked paper that is then bonded onto plywood or particle board. Melamine has been used to make office furniture, display counters, cabinets and many more essential pieces of home and office furniture since the 1930s and is a reliable and cost-effective material with numerous benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of Melamine Doors? 

  • Durable – Melamine as a material is scratch and abrasion resistant which means your cabinets won’t damage easily. Melamine doors are also strong and durable which makes them perfect for kitchen use and means that they will hold up over the years and you will not need to replace them often. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons they are used in kitchen cabinets is because they are moisture resistant and can withstand high temperatures
  • Easy Keep Up – Melamine doors are probably one of the easiest types of kitchen cabinets to upkeep. All you need to ensure that these are sparkly clean is a cloth and a little bit of warm soapy water. These cabinets will make cleaning your kitchen a breeze.
  • Taking Cabinet Aesthetics To The Next Level – With so many choices and possibilities in regards to colours and finishes, you can completely customise your kitchen cabinet design to suit your vision for your home. Whether you’re looking for a burgundy high gloss or a mustard wood textured finish, you can truly have all this with melamine doors. The kitchen cabinets aren’t just pretty faces, they offer long-lasting professional finishes that will not fade over time.
  • Cost Efficient – This is the biggest benefit of melamine doors. You can get the quality, durability and high-class look of steel or real wood cabinets at a fraction of their price. This means that you can make use of this portion of your kitchen renovationbudget towards something else you may have wanted to splurge on.

It is clear to see why melamine doors are taking the interior renovation world by storm. These doors allow you to upgrade your kitchen, customise your style and upkeep the look and feel of them, without burning a hole into your pocket. To get a quote on revamping your kitchen with melamine doors, contact us at Universal Kitchens today and let us assist you in giving your kitchen units the makeover they deserve.