The Latest Trends In Modern Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen design trends come and go. It is important when planning for your kitchen renovation to choose wisely which ones you try to duplicate. Kitchens today are no longer built for the sole purpose of cooking. It is a known growing trend for kitchens to be a hub where conversations and social gatherings and other activities occur. Big families spend all their time in the kitchen. You can also turn your kitchen into a friendly hangout chill area or a cosy rendezvous. So if you’re planning to renovate your kitchen, you probably aching to see some dazzling kitchen ideas. Most of the latest trends we see are basic and essential.

Create Open Shelving

Opening shelving is definitely a 2020 trend. It’s an easy way to revitalise your kitchen and it is extremely cost-effective. Whether it’s a wall of shelving or streamlined floating shelves – many people are choosing to integrate open shelves into their kitchen design for both functional and artistic reasons.

Smart Kitchens

One of the recent innovations is smart fridges – monitoring your valuable supplies and it lets you know when you are running low on supplies. Another introduction to intelligent kitchens is the smart oven, it helps eliminate culinary catastrophes by detecting what you put in your oven – it adjusts the temperature and cooking time accordingly. Once cooking is complete it automatically shuts off once done. Smart homes are not limited to appliances, linking your kitchen lights to your home hub enables you to adjust your settings using your smartphone. Modern kitchen renovations and new kitchens are often built smart from the ground up. The addition of smart sensors and Wi-Fi aided plugs can quickly and easily bring your kitchen up to date, requiring very little upfront investment.


People are opting for less or no handles allowing the natural wood or finish of your cabinets to stand out more. Handle-free kitchen cabinets are an effortless way to achieve a minimalist kitchen design. Handles and pulls are no longer necessary, opting for handle-less adds a natural flow making it more well-organized and sleek. Handle-free is installing “push and open” cabinet doors and drawers. The doors will pop open when a certain amount of pressure is applied. If you have children in your home, the lack of handles is a refined safety measure that will prevent curious little ones from opening your cupboards.

Vibrant Colour Appliances

With appliances taking up the most space in your kitchen, most homeowners prefer to keep them out of sight. Stainless steel appliances have been a staple and for good reason, they add a timeless feel to your kitchen. With trends changing so much many people prefer a pop of colour, and let’s face it – appliances that are designed in colour are stunning. Adding your unique personality to your kitchen with vibrant colours. Stoves, ovens, fridges, and kettles now come in a wealth of colours while some manufacturers are allowing you to customize your appliances to match the rest of your décor.

Deeper Drawers

Manufacturers are now meeting the needs of homeowners by providing larger and extra deep drawers. Your pots, pans, and plates can conveniently be taken from under the countertop in your extra deep drawers making them easier to grab and put away. Extra deep drawers can store appliances, dishware, and even Tupperware – perfect for organizing especially in the kitchen. This trend will be embraced for years to come.

With so many trends to choose from for your kitchen renovations, we hope our blog helps you decide on the perfect trends that suit your taste. Visit our website for all things kitchen